Who We Are

Why choose our training center

When you choose LB Allied Health Training Center, you’re choosing excellence in healthcare education.

Our training programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to succeed in the dynamic field of healthcare. With a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, assessment, creativity, and professionalism, our graduates emerge ready to tackle the challenges of the healthcare industry.

Whether you’re interested in EKG, medical assistance, phlebotomy, CPR, or first aid training, you can trust LB Allied Health Training Center to provide the highest quality education and support every step of the way.

Our values

Our core values are the foundation of our success

LB Allied Health Training Center is committed to its students and the community by offering programs that enrich, encourage growth, pattern success, and promote life-long learning.

Champion Professionalism and Teamwork

We prepare students to function as members of a healthcare team and progress to higher studies.

Build Core Healthcare Competencies

We provide effective didactic education that offers the student knowledge required of a health professional.

Promote Integrity in Healthcare Practice

We instill the attitudes and ethics required of a healthcare worker.

Leadership and Staff

Your support system

Here to Champion Your Ambitions.

Owner and instructor Dr. Marchina Harrell fosters a supportive learning environment where each individual is empowered to strive for excellence and achieve their career goals in healthcare.

Here to Guide You to Greatness.

Dr. Harrell generously shares her wealth of expertise.
Marchina Harrell, DHSc, MPH, MEd.
Marchina Harrell, DHSc, MPH, MEd. Program Director / Instructor


  • American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians

  • Elmore County Family Service Center, Wetumpka, AL

  • American Heart Association

  • Autauga County Family Service Center, Prattville, AL

  • American Red Cross

  • Montgomery County Court Referral Program, Montgomery, AL

  • Selma Vaughan Regional Hospital, Selma, AL

  • Lab Corp: Jackson Hospital Goode Building, Montgomery, AL

  • Jackson Hospital, Montgomery AL

  • Lab Corp: Montgomery, AL

  • Dr. V. Faison, Prattville, AL

  • Convenient Care Health Center, Millbrook, AL

  • Dr. Ashley McIntyre, Montgomery, AL

  • Montgomery Wellness Coalition, Montgomery, AL

  • Extended Arm Physician-Dr. Leon Davis, Montgomery, AL

The LB Experience

Get inspired by testimonials from healthcare professionals who have successfully completed our training programs.

Candyce Brandon

Great value and great teacher! You get a lot of hands on experience and background knowledge to help you in future careers. Dr. Harrell is also very detailed and makes sure that you understand the material being presented. By attending this school I have learned so much of the work is very detailed. Dr. Harrell definitely pushes you to be the best. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone seeking growth and development within their career field or looking to branch off to something new. I have enjoyed myself and learned so much. It definitely has paid off. Thank you so much for your dedication and believing in US even on the days where we felt like giving up.

AshleiAnne S.

My time at LB Allied has been a wonderful experience. It has been both challenging and rewarding. Dr. Harrell’s background in education is very apparent and her enthusiasm for teaching correct medical procedure is infectious. Having the chance for hands on practice as well as real world experiences in different health care settings has helped my confidence tremendously. I feel prepared for a prosperous career in health care and look forward to whatever may come.

Angela McCall

The welcoming experience from Dr. Harrel’s class at LB Allied Training Center has been a high quality learning experience. She is an individual with powerful compassion for her training process. When taking any of her course you should walk in with an open mind and heart about your accomplishments. She is there to enhance what you already have inside of you. She really creates empowering experiences. I am grateful for all the moments I had with her. An experience with her is like footprints in the sand. You can bring her a blueprint and she will definitely have many examples to show.

Jayla King

My educational experience at LB Allied Health Training Center under Dr. Marchina Harrell has been amazing! She and her staff really make sure the students understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, all while conducting themselves with a high degree of integrity, professionalism and ethics. Is she an easy educator? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is why I love being there. She WILL challenge you. She WILL get you ready to be an asset to ANY medical facility you become a part of. I look forward to learning and growing my medical skill set with her and her staff in the near future.

**It is always a good feeling when the doctors and hospital staff where your clinicals are being held can’t help but to be amazed and brag on you and your educators😁😁😁**

Kaylel O'Neal

My journey at LB Allied has been an experience I will never forget. Going back to school was something I never thought I’d do again let alone finish.I loved being a student here from the push to the love shown and the many nights I’ve stayed up doing homework showed me how strong and determined I was. Dr. Harrell is a wonderful person and she will do anything in her power to make sure you get it done.

Sarah Ingram

Dr. Harrell is an exceptional educator who is truly dedicated to her profession.  While she may come across as stern, her unwavering commitment to her students’ success is evident in every aspect of her teaching.  She sets high expectations and demands excellence, challenging her students to reach their full potential.  Under Dr. Harrell’s guidance I have developed valuable skills in becoming a  medical assistant, and receiving my certification for EKG and Phlebotomy.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a dedicated and inspiring teacher.

Maria Jackson

My experience at LB Allied Health Training Center had a major impact on my life in numerous ways. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. The instructor was patient, knowledgeable, and helpful with her teaching tactics. I was able to be confident and comfortable in testing. I received a few job opportunities that I’m ecstatic to approach. She will help you help yourself with assisting you to do your best and give your all.

Audriana Smith

From the first day that I entered LB Allied I knew that this was the program for me. Dr. Harrell, from the first day of completing my application was informative and thorough, and remained such throughout the program. By no means will it be easy, but it will be one of the greatest decisions and learning experiences of your life. She breaks the curriculum down to your level and teaches you to apply it in all aspects of your understanding. She pushes you even when you don’t want to be pushed. She makes you reach for the stars and go ahead and grab the moon and sun while you’re at it. Be prepared to work hard, learn more, and become more than you can ever imagine yourself to be. LB Allied is definitely the best thing!!!!!

Lakesha Weaver

My experience as a student here was beyond great. I recommend this school to everyone that is seeking a school for medical assistant, phlebotomy or EKG. I went in hungry, eager and ready to learn. I came out full of knowledge. I feel so prepared for the healthcare field. I really appreciate Dr. Harrell for everything that she has taught us and for all the effort that she puts in. You really don’t find people that enjoy teaching these days, but you can really tell she enjoys doing her job. For that I will forever be grateful. She’s someone that I know I can call if I need understanding in something. She’s absolutely the best in my book. Thank you, Dr. Harrell, for just being you.